• Rui

The Secrets of Sangria

The name Sangria comes from the spanish word sangre (blood) because is made with red wine. The origin of Sangria comes from Portugal and Spain and they are the only countries that can sell Sangria using this name.

Today Sangria is made with different kind of wines and even with sparkling wine. The fruits which are added to the drink, give Sangria its special flavour and distinct colours.

The recipe is easy and can be adjusted depending on how strong you wish it to be. I recommend using 2/3 wine and 1/3 soda. Just cut different pieces of fresh fruit and add some sugar. The sugar should cover the fruit, so a few heaped tablespoons should be enough. We usually use fresh fruit which is in season - grapes, apples or strawberries. Let the sugar dissolve, add the wine and let it rest for a couple of hours before adding sparkling soda. Serve with ice and decorate with some more fresh fruit and add Cinnamon sticks and mint leaves as you like

Please be aware that now, unfortunately, in many restaurants, they sell a drink with the name Sangria but it's not Sangria. It is a drink that is pre-prepared like beer and comes in big cans. If you want to drink a proper and tasty Sangria, please check before drinking if it is home made or you just will be disappointed.


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