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The Legend of Pedro and Inês

If there is a love story that has marked the history of Portugal it is that of the forbidden love between the infant D. Pedro and Inês de Castro, lady of company of his wife D. Constança.

In spite of the marriage, the Infante marked romantic meetings with Inês. After the death of D. Constança in 1345, D. Pedro began to live with Inês, upseting the king D. Afonso IV, his father, who strongly condemned the connection, and provoked a strong reprobation of the court and of the people.

For years, Pedro and Inês lived in Coimbra with their three children. But the growing censorship to the union on the part of the court constantly pressed D. Afonso IV, who ended up having to assassinate Ines de Castro in January of 1355. Crazy of pain, Pedro led a revolt against the king, never forgiving to the father the murder of the beloved When finally he took the crown in 1357, Dom Pedro ordered the arrest and murder of the murderers of Ines, plucking their hearts, which earned him the nickname of Cruel.

Acclaiming Ines as Queen of Portugal after death it is also said that Dom Pedro will have exhumed the body of the beloved, dressing her in the most beautiful clothes, placing her on the throne, crowning her and forcing the nobility to kiss the hand of Ines.

In April 1360, he ordered the transfer the body of Inês from Coimbra to the Royal Monastery of Alcobaça, where he had two magnificent tombs built, so that he could rest forever beside his eternal lover. Thus would be immortalized in stone the most sweeping story of Portuguese love.


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