Tour of the 5 cities

Full day tour visiting some of the most charming and well known cities north of Lisbon.

3 hours driving to Óbidos a charming city inside a castle c with narrow streets full of shops with great views from the city walls.

After Óbidos we'll visit Nazaré that is now known for the big waves that have the world record of biggest wave ever surfed. Still in Nazaré you can visit the old church with the famous statue of virgin Mary feeding Jesus.

From Nazaré we'll drive to Alcobaça where are the tumes of Pedro and Inês the Portugueses unforgettable love story inside a Majestic Cathedral.

After Alcobaça we're heading to Batalha (Fight) one of the most impressive mediaval constructions in Portugal that was build to celebrate the victory over spanish in a nearby place.

After Alcobaça we are going to Fatima the world famous pilmigrage place where virgin Mary apears to three young shepherds.

After Fatima is 3 hours returning back to Alentejo Coast after a stunning day.