Boat Trip Milfontes-Odemira

Pssst… want to know a well kept Portuguese secret?

Ok I´ll tell you. Away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist places - experience the real Portugal with DUCA. The river Mira is a delightful experience for everyone wishing to rewind, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Alentejo. But please don´t tell everyone, we like to keep it quiet…

Portugal is a treasure chest, Lisbon it´s crown and the river Mira a hidden jewel!Sparkling water, picturesque Odemira, breathtaking nature and lots more. You will be in experienced hands of the crew with a wealth of nature and local knowledge we would love to share with you, to give your holiday some extra sparkle! Book now!

Too cold to swim in Portugal? No! If you think so then you haven´t yet taken a trip along River Mira. Cruise through breathtaking beautiful nature and taken a swim in the river (when possible). Guaranteed warmer then the see. A perfect Portuguese hot experience….

Num percurso de cerca de 34 quilómetros, entre Odemira e a sua foz, em pleno Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, o rio Mira apresenta cenários ímpares da natureza, história, cultura e tradição.

È este troço de 34km entre Milfontes e Odemira que o desafiamos a conhecer a bordo de uma das nossas embarcações

Dependendo da hora de partida o passeio pode ter uma duração total entre 5 a 7h. (2h15m de navegação de Milfontes a Odemira e 1h45 a 2h de Odemira a Milfontes mais o tempo de paragem em Odemira)